College Mission

  • To become a centre of excellence in the field of womens education.
  • To develop a vibrant academic atmosphere for research and higher studies.
  • To instil leadership qualities amidst our students.
  • To impart value-based education to the students to help them in the task of nation building and in emancipation of women.
  • To make the students emerge as progressive, responsible and successful individuals so that they contribute both to their personal growth and to social and national development.
  • To make higher education accessible to the underprivileged section of the society. To develop potential of the students in extra-curricular fields through participation in different campus activities, Sports, cultural and extension activities.
  • To sensitize students towards and social concerns like gender and environmental issues, human rights, ethical and moral values.
  • To strengthen the bond among the teachers, students and stakeholders, so that the relationships remain mutually beneficial and enriching for all.
  • To provide students holistic education to evolve as better citizens of the future.