Teachers Council

It is a pleasure to send a message regarding our college for inclusion in the website. Our students are our dreams and we aim to foster their progress not only in the academic arena but also to ensure the overall development of the students. The right knowledge is imparted to the students and they are prepared to face the challenges of the future. The faculty members take every care to help the students in the interactive classrooms. Their methods of teaching are innovative, dynamic and flexible so as to make the process of learning interesting, purposeful and enriching. There is an efficient and experienced staff to administer the office in this college. To inculcate the moral values among the students, value-based education is imparted in the form of various NSS units which organize social work programmes, medical checkup, cloth distribution campaigns at least once a year. Annual Sports and Cultural meets as well as the Proze Distribution ceremonies are integral part of our college since its inception in 1970. The college magazine is also published under the guidance of our faculty members and educational excursions are conducted by various departments so as to impart a first-hand knowledge about the real world scenario. We also aim to develop a positive environment which is highly conducive to the process of learning.Keeping these objectives in mind, we have a dedicated Teachers Council under the supervision of a senior teacher usually unanimously elected for a term of two years. The Teachers’ Council meets at fairly regular intervals (presided by the Principal) and various issues are sorted out with a thorough discussion so as to ensure smooth functioning of the college.

Smt. Parna Dutta Guha
Teachers’ Council